About me

Photo: Copyright Sabine Schreiber

A life for painting and with pictures

Born as the daughter of Inge and Robert Kolondam, a woman from Munich and an Indonesian, I grew up in Munich. I live and work with my husband Klaus Soppe - who is also a freelance painter - outside the gates of the beautiful city of Landshut, in the hometown of my grandmother and her siblings.

A picture says more than a thousand words. I have been addicted to this magic since I was a child. Design has always been with me. As a painter, I love the narrative and realistic form of representation and the tactile and sensual pleasure of working with artist materials. For me, every brushstroke is like a beautiful, large piece of chocolate.

I have had a few different stages in my career as a painter. I started at a young age and was self-taught for many years. When I was in my early 30s, I wanted to know more. I decided to follow my heart and studied painting on top of that. I gave up my job at the time to do so. During my studies I was able to take part in several exhibitions at home and abroad and also take on public commissions.

After several years of experimenting with style, form and color and also presenting my paintings in galleries and fairs, I returned to the themes that have always fascinated me.
What this means specifically for my painting is: impressionistic, realistic, childlike, humorous and everyday.

I like being in contact with other people and I also like being in personal contact with my customers. That's why you can now find me again at exhibitions, trade fairs and craft markets.

In any case, I am happy that you are here at the moment and hope you enjoy browsing through my little digital studio.

For further information about my CV and references please follow the link below.

All love

Your image maker Sandra Kolondam