Faszination Daily Paintings

Fascination Daily Paintings

To be honest, I don't remember the exact moment when I first became aware of the Daily Painting movement. I just know that the small formats and the way they are created fascinated me from the first time.

OK. Admittedly, small paintings are not a new invention, and I used to paint a small painting every now and then between all the large formats. But it was more the regularity that a daily painter shows. Painting a picture every day and the consistency behind it made me very curious at the time. How would my painting develop?

In addition, most Daily Paintings are small, realistic paintings, and I myself am very much into realistic painting. Daily Paintings are small pictures painted in one day. For example, sections from our everyday lives, still lifes, animals, portraits and landscapes are painted - I personally have also added humorous motifs - and mostly in a small, square format. Where does this movement come from?

The Daily Paintings movement has its roots in 19th-century plein air painting, where artists painted outdoors in nature to quickly capture natural lighting and atmosphere. This practice was later popularized by artists such as Claude Monet and other Impressionists.

However, the modern "Daily Paintings" movement has evolved with the proliferation of the internet and social media. Many artists use platforms such as blogs, Instagram and Facebook to share their daily works and connect directly with their audience. This daily practice not only encourages artistic development and discipline, but also allows artists to regularly engage with their audience and make their art accessible to a wider audience.

Personally, I have come to appreciate the small format a lot. They are small excerpts from our world, like little windows that open. I am often fascinated by the charisma that small pictures can have. At 10 x 10 cm, they are often only the size of a coaster, but they shine in competition with the interior and attract attention in the room.

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